“I’ve produced a television show for 25 years so I know how to produce television, but I had no idea how to transform my book into a movie. I’m blown away at the work Voyage has done. My lookbook is absolutely phenomenal…the pictures tell a thousand words, and the copy enhances the whole concept. Voyage has put my book into a format that I can present to anyone at anytime, and they’ll know in a couple of minutes if this is a project they want. And that’s the key to selling it.”

Michael Fowlkes


“The guidance and the care that Voyage too in creating my new book cover has been next to none. The fact that they were able to get my book into the hands of the right people has made me exceedingly happy. Voyage has opened doors that wouldn’t have been opened before – they’ve given me access to people who know a lot more about the business than I knew and would have known if I hadn’t come across Voyage.”

Ed Duncan


“You’re just can’t mail books to producers on your own and expect to get any kind of return. They get a lot of that stuff, and it probably goes in the trash. But Voyage can help market to these people in a way you can’t do on your own. Voyage created my lookbook and helped get my book optioned so that it can potentially be made into a movie. I wouldn’t have gotten this far on my own. The process of working with Voyage was well worth it, and I will certainly go back to Voyage with anything I write in the future.”

Fred Eason


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